Hey there!

I'm Lammert Postma

I’m an entrepreneurial product designer based in Arnhem, The Netherlands.

I love hiking in the mountains with my family and travel the world to work with international teams.

Results of a day hard work during the a full day workshop on Service & UX Design

My experience

I bring +15 years of extensive knowledge of all facets of digital product design and building design maturity in small en large size organizations.

I have worked with small and large-scale international teams on a wide range of complex B2B and B2C products. From leading and supporting 35+ dispersed designers across 11 countries to building design teams from scratch to delivering end-to-end designs for digital solutions for start-ups, and large enterprises.

With my hands-on experience of working closely with all layers and disciplines of an organization, designing complex digital B2B and B2C solutions, and leading and building design teams I know what it takes to bring a product into production.

CX Design
UX Design
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