Lammert Postma
Product Experience Design - from vision to execution

Hey there! I’m a Freelance Product Design Leader.

I help businesses to professionalize the design organization and work with leadership & delivery teams to shape and execute the product vision.

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Cuurios - Data Workflow Platform
Product & UX Design, Design System
Virtalis Reach - XR Platform
Design Innovation, Product Design, Brand Design
Raet Design System & UX Team
Design Leadership, Product & UX Design
HR Business Application
Product & UX Design
Discovery & Innovation Workshops
Design Thinking & Innovation

How can I help your business

Product & Design Leadership

As Design Leader I help organizations to professionalize their UX organization. I work according to the principle of Build, Execute and Coach. Through these 3 phases I mature design teams and embed design as a creative problem solving mindset across organisations. I ensure the right design competence, frameworks and processes so organisations can own and drive the design organization going forward.

Design Thinking & Innovation

Design has a great toolset to visualize the problem space and create tangible solution together with the entire organisation. I facilitate and design physical and virtual problem solving workshops using Design Thinking methodologies.

Product & UX Design

As Product Designer I can run the full project from product vision to design execution and guide the project through all necessary design phases; like ideation, concept design, design delivery and design systems.

Work experience

Growing Design Competence

I grow design competence by building teams, bringing people together through innovation workshops and teach the next generation designers.

Delivering Digital Products

I have worked on different digital products for the B2B and B2C market in the domains of HR, Manufacturing, Insurance, Banking and more.

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