Virtalis, UK

Brand Design & Product Design
Virtalis is a 40 people size UK based company. Virtalis delivers all software and systems to the engineering industry to create immersive experiences for design reviews, training and engagement sessions with customers.
  • Product Design from Discovery to Detailed Design for a new Cloud based XR Platform - Virtalis Reach
  • Design the new branding including the Brand Story, Corporate Deck, Product Promo's and Website
  • Facilitated Discovery Workshops with customers using Journey Mapping to uncover business opportunity for visualization.
Product & Visual Design
Virtalis Reach
At Virtalis I worked closely with the development team, Product Manager, and CTO to design the product vision into a tangible product design validated by the customers. I executed the whole design process from research to implementation.

Virtalis Reach is a web-based XR platform that enables 3d visualization via the web.

One of the biggest challenges of the design, is that the design should not only scale across desktop and mobile, but also when a person is fully immersed via a VR Headset.
The XR domain is a complex one, even before you factor in the breadth and diversity of our professional user base.  Accordingly, Lammert had to synthesize a huge amount of input from users, subject matter experts, new research, and best practice guidelines.
Not only was he able to pull this all together to design a product front end that is a pleasure to use, but he has also played a major role in instilling a healthy approach to product design at Virtalis.

John Murray, Sr. Product Manager at Virtalis
Design snapshots of the Virtalis XR Webplatform
Brand Design
When I joined Virtalis the company was just in a transition of rebranding. I took ownership of the Brand and introduced an overall Brand Design

The new brand design was based on a Design Moodboard to discover the Virtalis Design Principles. We introduced the orange color, which was used in older log, to reflect the history of the brand.

The new branding includes illustrations, photography guidelines, logo, design tiles, and templates.
Design snapshots of the Virtalis BrandingDesign snapshots of the Virtalis Branding