Raet Design Team & Design System

Design Leadership, Product & UX Design
Visma | Raet is the market leader in cloud solutions in the field of HRM processes and salary processing and related services.

In addition, the organization offers software for payroll, talent management, workforce management and people analytics. The company employs approximately 1,000 people and more than 1.4 million people use the software.

  • Introduced the Raet Design System - ZOOM in close collaboration with the  Brand Manager
  • Hired and managed the Design Team (12fte), including product designers, visual designers and front-end engineers.
  • Integrated Raet Design System across multiple products within Raet.
Visual of the ZOOM Design System
Raet has a diverse landscape of cloud solutions. When I joined Raet there was a project to develop a greenfield HR platform. I was hired to be the UX lead on this project.

To ensure that also new products from Raet and existing products could benefit from the new development and improved design I took the initiative to design and develop a comprehensive Design System.

I achieved to get a full buy-in from senior management and was given the opportunity to hire and execute on the strategy. It resulted in a team of 4 front-end engineers, a UX designer and a dedicated Product Owner.

To ensure a broad adaption we created a comprehensive Design System in close collaboration with the Brand Manager to adhere to the Raet Brand Guidelines  I developed a model to evolve our existing product portfolio.

View the Raet Design System or Read on Medium our post on ZOOM
Zoom - Raet Design System
Model to support the Visma Design Organisation
In the 2.5 years I worked for Raet I was able to grow the design team from zero to 13 amazing designers and engineers (Including the Design System Team) that worked across the Raet product portfolio.
Building the Design Team
A structured approachEnsure a good onboarding