Visma Enterprise

Designed an organization framework to scale design across Visma
Visma is a privately held company based in Oslo (Norway). The company provides business software and IT related development and consultancy. The company has 900,000 customers with the vast majority in Northern Europe. It has more than 11,500 employees.
  • Merged two design communities into one Visma Design Community
  • Introduced an organization framework to scale the design community across Visma. Giving structure to design efforts across the organisation
  • Coaching and supporting 35+ designers and Development Directors across 11 countries.
"Cultural transformation always begins with individuals. For me and many in Visma, fundamental design transformation started with Lammert. As Product Design Director, Lammert encouraged, inspired, and motivated designers, technical and business leadership by promoting best design practices and customer-centricity."

Victoria Bondarchuk - Director of User Insights at Visma
Picture from above during the UX Days at Visma
As Product Design Director for the Visma Enterprise Division I was part of the global Visma Enterprise Leadership team and reported directly to the Enterprise Division Development Director

Visma Enterprise has grown rapidly through M&A, creating a diverse landscape of organisations at different stages of design maturity. It was my job to be the design advocate to senior management and build a design community to support and coach the +35 designers across 11 countries.

I hired  a small team of a Visual Designer and a Design Ops Coordinator to build a close relationship with the designers in our community and to developed a framework to measure the quality of our execution and to set the short term priority and long term goals.
Maturing Design at Visma Enterprise
Together with the UX manager from other Visma Division we developed the 'Design for Customer Success' program. This program ensured we could join our design efforts, strengthenour voice within Visma, and empower the different design teams to be self-driven and customer centric.

As a result we joined our design efforts in one team supporting a design community of + 80 designers.

The Design for Customer Success program has four pillars; UX Best practices, Product Design, UX Studio and Advocacy & Community. Each pillar has a clear goal to support and grow the design community within and outside Visma.

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"Lammert is a brilliant, creative thinker and designer. Not only is he exceptionally skilled in his subject, but he is also extremely dedicated, hard-working and a fantastic leader and colleague. During his time in Visma, Lammert helped us develop a cross-company design framework, initiated and drove design efforts across different divisions, and developed design talent. I believe every company that gets the privilege of working with Lammert will be exceptionally satisfied with his work and impact."

Christian Westlye Larsen - Chief Technology Officer at Visma