Cuurios, Delft

Product Design, Design System
Cuurios supplies software with which customers automatically translate data into concrete actions with the aim of improving their (production) processes.
  • Product & Visual Redesign of the existing webapplication to increase usability and scalability
  • Document all design decisions in a Design System to ensure the delivery can quickly build new features and functionality based on existing guidelines.

    Project was delivered within a 4 week timeframe
Product & Visual Design
Cuurios Application
Cuurios is a scale-up and is getting a lot of traction with their new Data Workflow platform. Many of the design decisions were take based on speed which resulted in a design that could not scale properly en keep up with the speed of development.

As the application will grow in features and functionality Cuurious needed a design that could scale without directly compromizing on the usability.

At the start the application was broken down into page types, pattersn and components. From there I redesigned the different elements based on the principles; simplicity and scalability.

The result is a design that has a clear structure and gives room to the development team to make their own design decisions and add new features and functionality without compromising on the design and usability of the application.
What a pleasure it is to work with Lammert. He is a true professional and managed to understand our software and business very rapidly. Lammert proved to be a very good mentor to our team of front-end developers.

Leen de Graaf, Founder Cuurios
Cuurios design
Design Foundation
In parallel of the redesign, all design decisions were captured in a Design Foundation on Miro.

This enabled the delivery team to extend the application with new features and functionality based on pre defined patterns and guidelines.

In this way Cuurios ensures a high level of usability while keeping the agility and rapidly deploy new features and functionalities to their customers.
The design foundation Lammert delivered is spot on: user friendly and beautiful designs, intuitive user interface elements. He also triggered us to rethink unnecessary details that were cluttering some our page designs. All was documented very good, including practical examples and code snippets within the short time span of 4 weeks.

Leen de Graaf, Founder Cuurios