Innovation Workshops

Design Thinking & Innovation
I consider design as a great toolset to visualize the problem space and create tangible solution together with the entire organisation. I facilitate and design physical and virtual problem solving workshops using Design Thinking methodologies like Journey Workshops, EcoSystem mapping, Service Blueprints and others.
View on a room with participants of a full day workshop on Service & UX Design
Examples of workshops
  • Experience Mapping workshop for TheFA to discover how a community can enhance the eduction experience.
  • Facilitated a 2 day Discovery Workshop for Phillips to discover how immersive visualisation can improve the sales experience for medical equipment.
  • Journey Mapping workshop for the Ministry of Economic Affairs to improve the community experience for the Digital Trust Center
  • A one-day-workshop for Ortec Finance to teach about the basics of User Experience Design. Attented by 44 developers, productowners and business analysts.
Results of a day hard work during the a full day workshop on Service & UX DesignPeople in a workshop, working together